Michael Schuhhardt

After gaining my diploma as a hairdresser, I trained and worked as a makeup assistant with the German state television. During this time I prepared for and passed the entry exams into the School of Art in Dresden. However, before I could take up my position in Dresden, circumstances led me instead to the "Deutsche Oper Berlin" where I completed three years of training and qualified as a makeup artist. Following this I was offered full time employment at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, where I remain until the present day.

During this time I have worked on literally hundreds of theatre productions creating wigs, makeup, and masks. In addition to this I've been involved in many projects outside the theatre including television work and commissions to produce portraits, paintings and masks, some of which have been on public display in Berlin.

I have also assisted the “Neue Opernbühne Berlin” over many years as well as doing some teaching work.

My portraits and masks can be found at www.kleinplastik.com
Paul Egan

Since creating The Crafty Egg, I've decided to branch it into two distinct websites, one for hair and makeup (i.e. this one) and the other (www.kleinplastik.com), for sculptures and masks. This is where all of my work can now be found, along with more information about myself.
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